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The gastronomy of Amalfi Coast
In this page you find the Traditional products and gastronomic specialties (‘delicatessen’) from Amalfi  &  Sorrento Coast.
For the typical food of  the whole Campania Region see here.
For the Wine & Food tours see here.

Traditional products and gastronomic specialties (‘delicatessen’) from Amalfi  &  Sorrento Coast:
The  Amalfi coast  gastronomy is  also called the diet of the ‘fishing fox’ because of the two souls of  this area: fishermen/sailors and peasants souls …cooking between the sea and the mountain!

Fruits and vegetables:

Limoni di Amalfi IGP – Lemons of Amalfi PGI.  The symbol of the coast.

The variety called “Sfusato” is cultivated in Amalfi and Sorrento coasts. Amalfi Lemon  is irreplaceable ingredient in the cuisine. You use the juice, pulp, peel and even the leaves! Lemon is for all seasons: cakes, ices, pastries, delicious ... and fresh sorbets.  And for its many therapeutic and aesthetic properties it is used in cosmetics and herbal medicine.

- The juice is used as a flavoring for fish and seafood, or in the preparation of refreshing soft and delicate sorbets, once packed with the snows from Monti Lattari , preserved in holes in the ground, and in caves at high altitude.
-The pulp, cut into thick slices, and seasoned with salt, vinegar, oil and mint turns into a succulent "lemon salad", appreciated as a dessert or an appetizer.
- The leaves are used for the preparation of "Pancakes Cecenielli" or to aromatize the " Conchese Rabbit " , or to make the ‘Provola  alla Masaniello’: Provola cheese ( a kind of tough mozzarella) in slices cooked in between two lemon leaves.
- The skin. But the main element of Sfusato Amalfi  Lemon is in the thick skin and rough, rich in essential oils and alcohol, actively used in the kitchen, in the production of  the now famous Limoncello and in confectionery: The lemon cake, made of soft sponge cake flavored with lemon and covered with honey, lemon delights filled with lemon cream , the  baba soaked in syrup with lemon liqueur.

Other typical fruits and vegetable from Amalfi/Sorrento coasts:

Latticini- Diary products from Amalfi coast (Cows of Tramonti and Agerola)

Typical wheat products from Amalfi coast:


First courses (pasta):

- Laganelle peperoni e scampi: Pasta Laganelle (shape of pasta) with peppers and scampi
- Tubetti con fagioli e cozze: Pasta tubetti, with beans and mussels
- Scialatielli all'amalfitana : Pasta scialatielli , a handmade large spaghetti with seafood
- Vermicelli con colatura di alici di Cetara: Pasta vermicelli with anchovies’oil from Cetara.(slow food quality label)
- Fusilli Gamberi e Zucchine:  Pasta fusilli, with shrimps and zucchini
- Paccheri al sugo di Scorfano: Pasta paccheri with redfish sauce
- Pappardelle Vongole e Porcini: Pasta pappardelle with clams and Porcini mushrooms
- Vermicelli col Pesce "fujuto": Pasta vermicelli  with the ‘runaway fish’, which means without the fish. The flavor of the fish is given by the tomatoes grown with sea breeze..
- 'Ndundari al ragù; Homemade pasta from Minori in Ragù sauce (long cooked meat in tomato )
- "Crespolini", crepes filled with soft cheese, pork sausages, and vegetables.
- Gnocchi alla Sorrentina: potatoe-dough pasta with tomato sauce and mozzarella.

Wines and Vines of Amalfi Coast

The terraces so typical and charming of the coast of Amalfi, made of clods torn from the rock and filled with earth brought here on the shoulders, are not wider than 5 meters and hosts about four rows of vines arranged on chestnut pergola poles, These hills preserved all the charm of antiquity thanks to their isolation, away from the mass tourism that has always favored the coast..
The Amalfi Coast produces DOC wines from Vietri to Positano. But the three main sub-zones are Furore, Ravello and Tramonti.
The vines are old and ungrafted because phylloxera did not plague this area. And the pergola, in a few square meters, retains the familiar character of the ancient productions.
Fenile,  Tronto Furore, Ripoli,  Pepella, Ginestra, Tintore  names well known to the  great travelers, from Ibsen to Gregoriovus.

Aglianico - Red grapes

The origin of the name maybe from the word Ellenico or Elea , an ancient Greek town in the south of Salerno.The Vine was maybe introduced from Greeks in V-VI century bC.
It’s the most widespread grape variety in the South Italy. It gives a round wine, with tannins well blended, red color, ruby highlights, and notes of tobacco. Main Areas where is raised: Irpinia, Taburno, Naples, the Amalfi Coast and the Cilento.
Today, his fame is linked mainly to wine Taurasi (a DOCG/DOP wine). Amalfi Coast Aglianico is 30% in blend of three DOC/DOP Red: Furore DOC , Ravello DOC and Tramonti DOC, mixed with Piedirosso, Serpentaria and Tintore. It 'also used in the composition of Rose wines.
See DOCG wines produced with Aglianico.
Vinegrapes - Wines – Vineyards of Campania

For Customized itinerary, with or without English speaking gastronomy guide contact the concierge.

Houses in Amalfi Coast

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