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How To Reach the Amalfi Coast

Airports in Campania:  Naples Capodichino  and  Salerno Costa d’Amalfi
The Region Campania

Trains: to Salerno or Sorrento.

The bay of Naples and the bay of Salerno

To reach the single towns of the coast here are a few options:
The towns of the Amalfi Coast



1) Private or cheap shared Transfer:
How to reach Amalfi Coast by professional transfer. A private transfer from Naples to Amalfi Coast allows you to enjoy this wonderful road while you driver drives for you. It costs around 100 euro for 2 people with luggage, while a shared cheaper transfer costs  around 30 euro per person, with discounts for family groups.  A taxi from Salerno to Amalfi for 2 people with luggages costs about 60 euro.
2) By public transport:
From Rome or Naples to the following villages: Vietri sul mare, Cetara Erchie, Maiori, Minori , Atrani Amalfi the quickest way is by train or bus to Salerno, and  then local bus from Salerno to Amalfi. Local buses from Salerno to Amalfi officially every hour (except Sundays). The itinerary of the local bus is : Salerno Train Staion > Vietri sul mare centre > Cetara > Erchie > Maiori centre > Minori centre > Marmorata di Ravello (seaside, not the centre)> Castiglione di Ravello (seaside, not the centre) > Atrani > Amalfi centre.

To reach the following villages: Agerola, Furore, Pogerola, Ravello, Scala, Conca dei Marini,Praiano, Positano you need another bus from Amalfi.

How to reach Positano. Note: Positano or Praiano are closer to Sorrento than Salerno so if you come from north (Rome, Naples, Pompeii..), it is quicker to reach  Sorrento first and then by bus from Sorrento to Positano/Praiano. Not only Positano is a small vertical village, but the only road that takes you to the centre is a one-way road, so it might be difficult in high season to go there with your own car and find easily a parking space (5 euro per hour to park an ordinary car).

Note: there are two bus stops in Positano: ‘sponda’ (near the centre) and ‘Chiesa Nuova’ (further from the centre).
The local buses from Amalfi are often crowded and the timetable is not always reliable, so the best way to reach Positano is going there by boat from Amalfi, enjoying the view of the whole Amalfi Coast from the sea.

We do  warmly suggest a guided boat trip along the coast to have a better orientation on the several villages of the coast.

You can check the official bus timetable here, but keep in mind that they are not always reliable, so you should  use them to go and visit some places, but  we do not suggest you to rely on them for transfers from and chiefly to the airport. It is still reasonable to reach Positano by bus from Amalfi or Sorrento, but the bus back from Positano to Sorrento or Amalfi  is always late and full. So from Positano you’d better take a boat back to Amalfi. In summer the buses might be late, sometimes they might not stop to collect you because they are full, or there might be no place for luggage.

There are ferries linking Sorrento with Amalfi;  Amalfi with Minori/Maiori/Positano; Capri  with Positano/Amalfi/Minori/Maiori , Salerno with Amalfi , Sorrento with Naples.

The ferries and boats’ timetable is often updated so check it on our facebook page or at:

Useful links: (trains in all Italy) (for the public local buses in Amalfi coast and all region Campania), (for the touristic open red buses in Campania region including Amalfi Coast), (bus from Salerno to Vietri), bus Flavio Gioia (bus between Positano and Praiano). (Amalfi Coast Ferries),,

If you come with your car to such destinations: Vietri, Cetara, Erchie,Maiori, Minori, Atrani, Ravello, Scala, Amalfi, Conca dei Marini seaside, the best way is Motorway a3 (Napoli-Salerno) exit in Vietri sul mare, follow the statal road SS163 ‘Amalfitana’. Mind that usually the GPS shows you an alternative road : from A3 motorway exit in the city called Angri SUD, than go up the mount until the village of Tramonti (provincial road SP 2a) and down again to Maiori on the sea level.

This road is a bit wider than the coast, but it’s not always easier and not quicker. It’s a good alternative if you come on crowded days like Saturday-Sunday or  in high season (July, August) when the  main road SS163 can be very busy, and good if you suffer from Vertigo. Both are scenic roads, coming through Vietri you see the seaside hamlets, but coming from Angri and going up the mountain you will have a beautiful view of the mount Vesuvius and the bay of Naples.

To go to Ravello instead the quickest road is: From  Motorway a3 (Napoli-Salerno ) exit in Angri SUD, then up through the village of Sant’Egidio Monte Albino and Corbara  to reach Provincial roads SP1,  that takes you down toward the other gulf.  You  will reach Ravello in  about 1h .30 minutes.

Praiano and Positano  just like all the Amalfitan towns lay on the southern slope  of Lattari mountains ,If you come from north it’s quicker to reach them from Castellammare di Stabia, passing through the villages of Sorrento side  as you can check on Google maps. Both ways are anyway beautiful and scenic.

To reach the following villages:  Agerola, Furore, Conca dei Marini hill, Pogerola:  Motorway A3 (Napoli-Salerno), exit in Castellammare di Stabia, passing through Gragnano and Pimonte (Statal road SS 366) and than  Agerola. This town is still part of the Province of Naples, but it is considered a Gate of Amalfi Coast. From Agerola thousands of people every year start the Path of the Gods. From Agerola you go on to reach Furore, Conca dei Marini and Pogerola, along an incredibly scenic road, one of the most amazing of the coast at about 600 meters above sea level. >>It could be an option to make a different road on the way back..

To reach the northern slope of the peninsula , (the Sorrento side) to  Sorrento, Sant’Agnello, Massa Lubrense, Vico Equense,  Meta you must exit from A3 motorway  (‘Napoli-Salerno’) in Castellammare di Stabia and take the Statal Road  SS145.

4) By your boat:
If you come to Amalfi Coast with your boat and you need a mooring you can choose among Maiori, Minori, Amalfi, Positano.  Mooring in Maiori and Minori  is cheaper but for the fuel you need to sail 10 minutes more to reach Amalfi Port. Book it.

How to get around and visit the villages of the Amalfi Coast:
Once you have reached the Amalfi Coast you can visit the several villages of the coast:

By renting a private car with or without a driver,

By renting a private boat with or without a skipper,

By organized boat tour: half day along 11 villages of Amalfi coast, with visit of the Emerald grotto and visit of Positano. Or, starting from Positano, with visit of the Emerald grotto and visit of Amalfi,

By public boats or buses, including the open-top bus.

By your own car (see recommendations),

By the ancient paths, once the only roads from one village to another, now popular destinations for hikers from all over the world.

By , with or without  a guide,

By renting an electric, with or without a guide..

 ……………………………………..And by hitch hiking!


Recommendations on driving on the Amalfi Coast:

Everybody knows that driving on the Amalfi coast can be intimidating because the wonderful and scenic SS 163 called Amalfitana is made of turns carved into the rocks suspended over the sea and that's why very narrow.

Finding a parking space in high season can be a bit stressful and not cheap: from € 2,00 to € 5,00 per hour.
Violations of the rules happen often, and cost much - thus local authorities undertake measures on protecting environment, and stabilizing mass tourism in such small fabulous towns. So it’s just a matter of paying attention to the places meant for parking for tourists and not trying to park violating traffic regulations. See here the parking lots town by town.

How to overtake cars/buses/bicycle on the Amalfi coast - How to let overtake you when there is a row of cars behind you:
When in front of you, on the same side there is a slow car or a bus, or a cyclist, if they are local (and gentle), they would let you overtake them as soon as possible (by approaching to the right side, on straight roads). So if you drive on the Amalfi coast, you should do the same, if you see a row of cars behind you. If somebody behind you is flashing the headlights (or honking), it means he/she wants to overtake.

If a bus is coming from the opposite direction and you meet it on a turn, don’t worry, slow down and the bus driver will tell (show) you whether you can go on, or instead go back to let it pass first. You can trust Sita buses drivers (a local bus, of blue, green or red colors, 12 m long).

Pay attention to the pedestrians sharing the road with you. Everybody, local people or tourists use the same road to walk on, sometime to reach the next village at a few km the one from the other. Local people walk in couples, with children or dogs. It’s our road, we use it and have to share it with the cars. But some reckless people simply walk on the wrong side of the road, so it can be difficult to see them before you make a turn.

Gas stations on the Amalfi coast are: in Vietri, Maiori, Conca dei Marini, Positano,  Ravello. Only one LPG  station available in Tramonti.

Besides the local policemen checking traffic regulations anywhere and everywhere, there is other category of people who causes many troubles to drivers on the Amalfi coast: the cyclists. This particular race of people spitefully asserts their right to enjoy the wonderful Amalfitan road by quietly absently pedaling,  without paying any attention to you waiting when they finally let you overtake them… How can we blame these romantic, sportive thrill-seekers of the modern tourism? If you meet them, be careful and patient. Sooner or later they will decide to keep to the right and to give you way to overtake them.

Hitch-hiking on the Amalfi Coast. A lasting tradition.
Many residents, workers or students on the Amalfi coast sometimes refuse to go by public buses and prefer to hitch-hike. Those ones who stop and pick them up know that now and then it can be quite tedious to use local buses (because the timetables are not always precise, and on a bus a seat is not guaranteed). Also many people just choose not to have a car; a driver who stops to give a ride, knows, that  tomorrow he will be given a ride by somebody else; he stops to say hello to an acquaintance or to chat, to get the latest news…  Usually one hitch-hikes for a short, quick, 10-20 minute ride.

Hitch-hiking on the Amalfi coast is more difficult for a tourist of course, but if you feel confident, this is the right place to do so.
And if you have a car, do a favour to a resident, a worker, or a student: pick him up!
Houses in Amalfi Coast

Accommodations for holidays
with great sea view
Transfers from
30 € p.p.

Relax & enjoy the view with a professional car/boat transfer
Minicruises from
30 € p.p.

Boat trip along Amalfi Coast & Capri. Private or shared boat
Pompeii guided excursions

A must voyage in the past.
With private or shared guide

Cookery Classes
at home!

Rent a Private Boat

Trip  to/from Positano/Amalfi/Maiori
starting from 3 hours 100 euro

Car with driver

Car/Van to
Positano/Amalfi/Ravello/Maiori  starting from 4 hours 120 euro

Rent a Car/Scooter/
Electric Bike

Cars  starting from 55 euro per day
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