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Essential info on Positano:
Positano and the entire Amalfi coast were a place of Otium - a place for leisure - for rich ancient Romans. The main church (13th  century) was in fact built on an ancient roman villa, that can be partially visited. (Remains of roman villas on the Amalfi coast are better enjoyed by visiting the Antiquarium of Minori). During the Amalfi Maritime Republic (9th-11th centuries) Positano was the headquarters of the Schola Nautica, a school for sailors.  There are many theories about the origin of its name: Positano from ‘Poseidon’, the God of the Seas, Positano from’ Pestani’ (people from the greek-roman village Paestum escaping from the Saracens), and the most  probable version: Positano from ‘Posides’, a freedman of the Emperor Claudius.

Positano and the entire Amalfi coast was ‘discovered’ as a wild abandoned romantic place by the travellers and artist of the 19th century and chiefly by refugees fleeing the totalitarian regimes of the 20th  century. See the page Personalities linked to Positano.
Positano is now one of the favourite places for VIPs.

Places to visit by walking, hiking, by boat:
the "must-see" in Positano on a half day or 1-day  trip.
A visit to Positano can’t be missed. 1 or 2 hours should be enough to appreciate its enchanting atmosphere. If you like boutiques and art galleries, you need a minimum of half a day to spend in Positano.

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Ferries and guided tours from Positano to Capri. Starting from 35,00 per person. See details

From Positano to Pompeii, Vesuvius, Herculaneum. Guided tours from 35,00 per person. See details
Funny Cooking Class with a local family! Price from 60,00  per p., generous lunch included! See details

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Info and facilities in Positano

Area of Positano: 8, about 4000 residents.
City of Positano: official website
To check the next event:
Tourist office in Positano: via del Saracino 4, 089875067
Tourist info point 24h:
Tel: (+39)345 405 1723.

Transports - Facilities:
Port of Positano: Public and private boats to and from Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi.
Docking in Positano: available. Book here.
Gas/water station for boats: the nearest is in Amalfi.
Gas/water station for auto vehicles: via Pasitea and via Colombo
Bus connections: with Amalfi and Sorrento
Nearest Heliport: in Sorrento
Nearest Train Station: in Sorrento, 18 km from Positano
Private or shared taxi to or from Positano:     tel: +39.345.4051723

Emergency Numbers and Authorities:
Vigili Urbani –  City police Positano Tel. 089 875 277
Carabinieri – Positano Tel. 089 875 011
Breakdown service: Soccorso stradale – Positano Tel. 089 875 646
Sea Rescue 1530
Vigili del fuoco rescue  115
Nearest Hospital: in Sorrento
Medical centre in Positano: Croce Rossa Italiana – Positano Tel. 089 811 912
Farmacia Rizzo di Maria Emanuela e Roberto Rizzo Snc  Adress: via Pasitea, 22
Parafarmacia Positano Del Dott. Montefusco Carlo  Adress: via Pasitea, 210
Parafarmacia Rizzo Roberto Adress: via Della Tartana, via Guglielmo Marconi, 290

Useful Adresses:
Banks in Positano/ATM-cash machines

Banco di Napoli - Agenzia Di Positano Bancomat  Piazza Dei Mulini, 18/20 · 089 812 2367
BPER Banca- via C Colombo, 23 · 089 812 3487
Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena - Filiale Di Positano, via dei Mulini, 4- 089 812 2042
Deutsche Bank via C. Colombo, 75, Sportello Bancario 604  -   089 811066
Currency Exchange: Collina Angela, via dei Mulini 089 811854

Parking in Positano:
there are garages all along the via Pasitea that takes you to Positano centre. The most central garages in piazza Mulini are: Russo, Gennaro, Mandara.
Positano main church opening time: from 8 am to 12 noon, and from 4 pm to 8 pm.
Nightclubs in Positano. Music on the rocks in Positano and “Africana” Night club (in Praiano)

Festivals and events in Positano:

  • from June to October - literature festival
  • 13th of June - St.Anthony’s day.
  • 15th of June – St.Vito
  • 24th  of June – St. Giovanni
  • 2nd of July - Madonna delle Grazie in Montepertuso
  • 16th of July - Madonna del Carmine
  • 20th of July - S.Maria Vergine e Martire
  • 14th -15th of August – Festival of  Assumption of  Mary (Maria Assunta) fireworks over the seа.
  • 14th of September – Festival of Santacroce
  • September - Festival of the fish
  • September - Positano Dance Festival Léonide Massine
  • December - Food festival ‘Sagra della Zeppola’


  • August 1st-4th - St. Domenico fireworks in Praiano
  • August 10th - white night all along the coast
  • September, 19th and December, 16th -  St. Gennaro’s day in Praiano

Personalities linked to Positano:

Flavio Gioia. To Flavio Gioia, the ‘inventor of the compass’ is dedicated a statue and a square in Amalfi and Positano. Actually Flavio Gioia never existed. Existed instead a humanist Flavio Biondo (1300 century ), which had attributed to Amalfi the invention of the compass. In fact Amalfi as the first maritime republic in Italy made some alterations to the Chinese compass, known through the close relationship with the Arabs . So Amalfitans were probably the first to use it and spread its' use in the Western world.

Tiberius. The Roman Emperor (I AD) left Rome to live in Capri for the last 10 year of his life. Because of his fear of being poisoned, it seems he would only accept the flour and bread from the only place he trusted - a bakery in Positano.

Joachim Murat. Brother-in-law of Napoleon (he married Carolina Bonaparte, Napoleon’s sister). Murat was a King of Naples from 1806 to 1815. Positano and Punta Campanella (the cape across from Capri) were strategic places for him to oversee the military operations against the English troops based in Capri supporting the Neapolitan Bourbon King, deposed by the French. That’s the reason the construction of the Amalfitan road was started from Positano. During this period, Murat used to stay in a stately home today called Palazzo Murat.

Leonide Massine, Russian ballet dancer and choreographer, the first owner of Li Galli Islands. The port of Positano is named after him.

Rudolf Nureyev, Russian ballet dancer and owner of Li Galli Islands. The sea side promenade in central beach is named after him.

The Movie Director Franco Zeffirelli, and his guests from Hollywood and Cinecittà in his villa called “The Three Villas” on Arienzo beach.

Roberto Murolo, a Neapolitan singer. One of his most popular songs is Scalinatella (a little staircase of Positano).

Other writers and artists: John Steinbeck, Stefan Andres, Essad Bey, Elisabeth Castonier, Irene Kowaliska, Vasilij Nechitajlov, Mikhail Semenov, Igor Stravinsky, Armin T. Wegner, Martin Wolf, Ivan Zagoruiko, Salvatore di Giacomo, Gilbert Clavel, Carlo Knight, Luciano de Crescenzo, Mimmo Paladino.

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