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The Amalfi Coast breathtaking boat tour
In this page you find:
Why a boat tour/Photo Gallery
Join a group from Amalfi Coast: Half day tour along Amalfi Coast, Full day tour Amalfi Coast+Capri
Excursions by boat from Capri (only private rental)
Excursions by boat from Sorrento (only private rental)

Why a boat tour/Photo Gallery:

An organized boat tour is the best option to meet the Amalfi Coast for the first time, to appreciate the landscape, to get oriented on the several towns spread out along the coast. Whether it's a ferry to Capri, a private or group tour, with or without a skipper, or at least a kayak rental…it’s a must! The profile of the Lattari Mountains seen from the sea magically changes every step you take. It’s like a living breathing reality moving beside you. When traveling along the coast, you’ll appreciate the caves, the wild and isolated beaches, the sulphurous water springs, the small waterfalls where you can swim, the cascades of houses with their typical architecture overlooking the sea.
When traveling a bit farther away from the coast, you’ll enjoy the landscape and the mountains as they seem to climb higher and higher.
That’s the only way you can really understand where you are.

Something you can see from the boat: The Norman tower in Maiori, St.Nicholas' Castle, the lemon terraces, Mezzocapo Castle, Minori, Ravello, Marmorata waterfall, Castiglione beach, Atrani (the smallest village in Italy), Amalfi, the Sirens’ Beach , the Cave of Holy Andrew , via Maestra dei Villaggi,  Duoglio Beach,  Beach of St. Croce / Natural Arch,  Marinella Beach, Capo di Vettica, Conca dei Marini,  Capo di Conca , the Emerald Cave, The Fjord, Marina di Praia, Praiano, Positano, many sea towers , sea caves and the villages on the hills leaning toward the sea: Ravello hillside, Pogerola, Pastena, Lone, Vettica Minore, Agerola, Furore hillside, Conca dei marini hillside , with the churches and the bell towers, the lemon trees and the vines, the hotels and the villas, the towers and the ancient convents.
Houses in Amalfi Coast
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Transfers from
30 € p.p.

Relax & enjoy the view with a professional car/boat transfer

Minicruises from
30 € p.p.

Boat trip along Amalfi Coast & Capri. Private or shared boat

Pompeii guided excursions

A must voyage in the past.
With private or shared guide

Cookery Classes
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Collective Tours by boat from Amalfi /Maiori/Minori/Praiano/Positano
Choose an option:

  • There is a basic itinerary that gives you an opportunity to see the core of the coast from the sea within a half day: 4-5 hour tour, 10 villages of the Amalfi coast, a visit to the Emerald grotto, a visit to Positano. From Maiori/Minori/Amalfi passing by Atrani, Ravello, Conca dei Marini, there you land to visit the Emerald Grotto. Then you go to see the Furore Fiord, Praiano and Positano. There you stop and land for 1 or 2 hours to visit Positano and/or having a swim. You have 2 options to enjoy this itinerary:
  • With a guide and 2-hours -stop in Positano: an English/French speaking guide will tell you about the entire coast which you will be passing by - the stories, and the legends about the places. Price is €45 ( 34€ for kids up to age 14) The entry to the Emerald Cave 6 € is not included. Info & Book here
  • Without a guide with 1-hour-stop in Positano and one more stop to swim in a nice bay on the way back.  This option offers a trip on a smaller boat, for maximum 12 people and it’s good alternative for those who would love to sunbathe during the tour and stop to swim from the boat in the open sea on the way back. It costs €35,00  a visit to the Emerald grotto (6€ optional) is not included.  Book it.

B – FROM POSITANO OR PRAIANO TO AMALFI/MAIORI/MINORI (like option A, but the opposite direction route, with visit of Amalfi). Available only privately ( no collective tours). Book it.

  • Starting by 9.30 a.m. from Maiori/Minori/Amalfi, you will enjoy the view of almost the entire Amalfi Coast: The watch towers, the caves, the villages from the sea with their little houses perched on the hills and the luxury villas, the peculiar landscape that change every time, town by town: Maiori, Minori, Marmorata and Ravello hill, Atrani (the smallest village of Italy), Scala on the hill, Amalfi, the hill of Pogerola, Conca dei Marini ( here an optional stop to visit the Emerald grotto +6 € not included), the Fjord of Furore, the lovely village of Marina di Praia, Praiano and Positano. Leaving the Amalfi Coast we will pass by the mythical islets called Li Galli, the home of the Syrens narrated by the Odyssey, the protected Marine Area of Punta Campanella and finally Capri. A tour around island to see the Faraglioni rocks, the Natural Arch, the white cave, the green Cave, the little bay of Marina piccola. After swimming in the bluest water of the mediterranean sea we will reach the most famous cave: the blue one called  "grotta azzurra" (Optional -Tickets not included) .  At approx 12 you will land to visit the town by self. By 4 pm you will be ready to board again. On the way back one more stop to relax swimming in a nice bay. Back to Amalfi Coast by 5.30 p.m. Price 100 € per person.  Book here.

  • D - CUSTOMIZED PRIVATE BOAT TOUR. Choose a boat. A private tour on the Amalfi coast can offer different itineraries, the heart of the coast is considered to be from Maiori to Positano (13 villages). But you might choose to visit the other side of the coast, toward Salerno, passing or stopping in Cetara (a fisherman village famous for the anchovy sauce and wonderful fish restaurants) and Vietri sul Mare (the last/first villages of the Coast – depending on the route, with dozens of ceramic small family fabrics), or the wild caves around Erchie (a small seaside hamlet with less than 100 inhabitants). You can choose a sportive itinerary (rocks, caves, waterfall or  springs where you can swim, snorkel or go fishing), or a gastronomic itinerary (stopping in several villages to taste the best food there: lemon products, fish, dairy products, famous desserts), or shopping itineraries (clothes, perfumes, ceramics, best souvenir from the coast). Let us know your idea and needs!  We will arrange a perfect customized itinerary for you. Also have a look at the news. There must be happening some special events (diving competitions ,  religious processions in the sea, fireworks), or last minute tours with new itineraries.
When: The half day tour are scheduled in the morning (9:00-13:30) and afternoon (14:00-18:30) .     
Book it.            

Also check the weather condition:
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