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Sport Facilities and events in the Amalfi Coast & Region Campania

Do you want to enjoy the hottest football fans atmosphere? Come to Naples! Here the dates:
2019 Marmeeting High Diving Championship at the Fjord's bridge in Furore, Amalfi Coast.

Sport Facilities in Amalfi Coast:

Trekking: buy maps, hire a private guide or join a guided group.

Kayak: Rent a kayak, hire a private guide or join a guided group.

E-bike: Rent an electric bike, hire a private guide or join a guided group.

Windsurf: Rent equipment or book a course with instructor.

Fishing tours

Sailing boats
With skipper or instructor

Diving: Rent equipment or book a course with the instructor.

Excursions with horses or mules

Sup and Pedal boat Rental

Tennis Court: Book a court and an instructor


Gymn halls
and yoga centers in Amalfi Coast

Water ski and scooters

 Trekking Itineraries:
All the villages of the Amalfi Coast are linked by ancient lovely walking paths. Before the coastal Amalfi Drive (formally Strada Statale 163, Amalfitana) was build, in 19th century, the only way to move from one village to another was a network of paths climbing and winding on the hills, creating surprising labyrinths in the hamlets and on the terraced hills, lemons and olives gardens, always enlightened by glimpses of sky and sea.

Nowadays along these paths we still can see horses, donkeys, and young strong men carrying lemons, firewood or other materials to places reachable only such a way. But most of all,  these paths are walked by tourists in search of breathtaking views, or simply of the atmosphere of old and sometimes abandoned corners.

Without big effort anyone can walk on some paths. The trained people, who reach the highest paths, will enjoy the most breathtaking views.  So if you want to walk along one or more paths, you have two options:

Buy a map or a book with the itineraries descriptions in English/German/Italian  and choose the path more suitable for you.  See the products here. You can buy them in bookshops in Amalfi ad Maiori ( The  address: Maiori, 43 ,Corso Reginna.)
Join a guided group. There are free and paid (€ 15 p.p.) guided tour. Check availability or book a private guide for a customized itinerary.
Something about the paths:
The most inviolate parts of Regional Park of the Lattari Mountains, like Valle delle Ferriere between Amalfi and Scala, the Demanio Valley in Maiori, The Schiato Valley in Furore, The Porto Valley in Positano are some examples of the naturalistic and archeological itineraries: ancient paper mills and ironwork fabric abandoned in the early 20th century, now surrounded by the original ecosystem studied by foreign naturalists. In these places you can find rare flora (Dwarf palm,  Pinguicola Hirtiflora, Wild orchid, and the Woodwardia Radicans, a Giant fern, whose  species date back to the Tertiary period- from 66 to 2 millions years ago) and fauna (Peregrine falcon, otter, lynx, badger, seahorse, turtle Caretta Caretta, spectacled salamander).

Frequently asked questions about the walking paths:
The path of the Gods:  How do I reach the starting point ?
The starting point of the Path of the Gods is in Agerola, a hamlet Bomerano, about 600 meters above sea level. You can catch a public Sita bus in Amalfi, direction Agerola, and ask the driver to stop in Bomerano. From here you walk along the Path to Nocelle, a neighbourhood of Positano. It takes about 3 or 4 hours. To come back to Amalfi you should go from Nocelle to the centre of Positano first (by walking 30 minutes or by local bus) and then take a Sita bus to Amalfi. The buses from Amalfi to Agerola are not that often, so check well if there is a bus. On the other hand, if you want to reach Agerola by your car, you will face the problem of going back to it.
Also check availability of guided groups, or of a private guide in order to enjoy the most the nature, the landscape, a bit of history and to save your time thanks to the flawless logistics. Check availability of guided groups to the Path of the Gods with free concerts.

The lemon path  and the lemon tour . Same thing?
No.The lemon path is a popular walking trail that links the village of Maiori with Minori. It is a nice and easy walk, but despite the official name  you won’t meet many lemon trees. The Lemon tour  is a guided tour in English, off the beaten paths into private lemon gardens:  A transfer by bus to  Scala, the oldest and highest village of the Amalfi Coast, a guided easy walk (1h 40m through the medieval village and the private lemon gardens, a stop for tastings based on IGP Amalfitan Lemon  (salad, cakes, juice..), a visit at the Limoncello factory (in Minori) and tastings of several liquors : Limocello, Fragolino (strawberry),  Liquorice, Lemon-Choco liquor.. Price 40,00 euro p.p. Book it.

 Kayak Rental And  Guided Tours:

By kayaking along the Amalfi coast you will have the chance to discover the coast hidden beaches, wild caves, waterfall,  springs. You have two options:

Rent a kayak and go paddling by yourself. Book here and you will have maps and suggestions about itineraries.
Join an organized guided kayak tour. Mail your request.

“Rainbow” KAYAK availability: 4 single kayaks, 2-person tandem kayaks available.  

Half day Single kayak   € 35,00                        Full day  single kayak € 50,00
Half day double kayak € 55,00                         Full day double kayak € 80,00

(Prices negotiable for groups or for more days rental)

2) KAYAK TOURS guided by instructors from Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation:
Here you can book kayak tours lasting half a day, or a full day, or more days with the opportunity of overnight trips, taking a tent and provisions in the villages between Amalfi and Positano, or between Furore and Maiori, or in the picturesque fishing villages of Conca dei Marini, Cetara and Erchie.

Anyone, with or without experience, may join our excursions if only they can swim. Children aged under 14 travel  in a 2-person tandem kayak rowed by an adult. All persons aged under 18 must be accompanied by a parent on any excursion. Groups will include between one and eighteen persons.
Reservations at

HALF DAY TOUR ITINERARY 1: from Amalfi to Furore Fjord (3-4 hrs, 5 km round trip)
HALF DAY TOUR ITINERARY 2: from Amalfi to Minori (3-4 hrs, 5 km round trip)

FULL DAY TOUR ITINERARY 1: from Amalfi to Positano (from 9.30 to 5.30 round trip)
FULL DAY TOUR ITINERARY 2: from Amalfi to Cetara  (from 9.30 to 5.30 round trip)

On guided tours we will provide:

  • High Density Linear Polyethylene Sea Kayak, either single- or twin-seater.
  • Paddles, paddle floats, hand pumps, life jackets, spray skirts, watertight bags, dry (waterproof) jackets, laminated, or plastic-protected maps of the Amalfi Coast, snorkeling equipment, security lights (for tours by night), photo service (photos will be sent by email when the tour is finished).
  • Water and brunch (fruit or cookies) for the half-day tours.
  • Lunch/dinner of your choice for the Full-day/by night tours (picnic lunch with typical products from Campania and Amalfi Coast, or  lunch/dinner of fresh fish (or other in case of special needs) in restaurant by the sea (appetizer, first course, second course, coffee or limoncello, water and house wine).

1-3 PEOPLE        € 55,00-59,00 EURO PER PERSON
4-6 PEOPLE       € 49,00-55,00 EURO PER PERSON
7 + PEOPLE        € 45,00-49,00 EURO PER PERSON

1-3 PEOPLE      € 159,00 EURO PER PERSON
4-6 PEOPLE     € 149,00 EURO PER PERSON

 Amalfi Coast Electric Bike Rental:

On the Amalfi Coast we use Pedelecs: Pedal Electric Cycle, an innovative Eco-sustainable mobility solution.
Pedelec bicycles are two-wheelers equipped with an electric motor with the electric drive only activating when actually pedaling – in other words, the electric power in a Pedelec only assists the human power instead of replacing it.
Compared to conventional bicycles without an electric motor, a Pedelec goes faster and requires less physical effort – that means, using a Pedelec your mobility range gets dramatically improved.

  • Higher average speed makes your destinations accessible within convenient time
  • The electric assistance helps you overcome slopes
  • It broadens the accessibility to conventional public transport stations
  • It makes possible to enter restricted city areas for your shopping, working and leisure activities
  • It allows getting to the workplace and meetings in shorter time and without sweat patches
  • It helps keeping active and mobile – this being especially helpful for overweight or elderly people.

€ 40,00 PER DAY – € 175,00 per 6 days including:



 Fishing Tours On The Amalfi Coast:

On the Amalfi Coast there are a few fishermen with a license to make the so called ‘pesca-turismo’, touristic fishing. They offer several types of fishing. The price to go fishing with them is roughly the same of booking a boat with the skipper: about € 150,00 for 3-4 hours of fishing.

 Rent a sailing boat  (with skipper only):

Rent a sailing boat with the skipper. Half day €400, full day €700. For 7 people.
 Tennis Courts On The Amalfi Coast:

There are tennis courts in Ravello, Minori and Maiori. The price to reserve a tennis court is about €12 per hour.
The price for hiring an Italian Tennis Federation Instructor is about  €40 per hour.


From Amalfi , Cetara, Erchie
Windsurf equipment rental: € 10 for the first hour, € 12,00 for the following hours.
Windsurf lessons: € 50,00 (1h, 30 m).

 Diving In Amalfi Coast:

 Price starting from  €80,00  euro per 1 dive with an instructor.
 It is not possible to  rent the equipment only.

 Water Ski And Water Scooter:

Possible only in early morning (before 8) or after 6 p.m.
Price: € 70,00 for 30 minutes of skiing (mono ski or 2 skis).

 Sup And Pedal Boat Rental:

Stand up Paddle: You paddle standing on a board, like a gondolier. Rent costs € 15,00 per hour.
Pedal boat rental: € 15 ,00 per hour.


 Sport and yoga centers in Amalfi Coast:

 Excursions on horses and mules:

Meet the creaziest people in the coast.
Houses in Amalfi Coast

Accommodations for holidays
Real Estate Investments
Transfers from
30 € p.p.

Relax & enjoy the view with a professional car/boat transfer
Minicruises from
30 € p.p.

Boat trip along Amalfi Coast & Capri. Private or shared boat
Pompeii guided excursions

A must voyage in the past.
With private or shared guide

Cookery Classes
at home!

Join a local family for lunch or a special birthday.
Pick, Cook, Eat!
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