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What to Know About Amalfi?
Things to do and facilities.
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Essential info on Amalfi:
The origin of the name: in Greek mythology Amalfi was a nymph in love with Hercules , so according to the legend, she was buried there. Another legend says that noble families  left Rome during barbarian invasions in IV century a.D. and came here after having lived in Melphes (now Melfi in the Basilicata region). So they came "Ad-Melphes", "from Melfes". In the 9th century Amalfi became the political centre of the first Maritime Republic in Europe. It was a rich and important crossroads of cultures, which all the best goods from the East passed through to get to Europe: gold, precious stones, silks, perfumes, essential oils and spices.

Nowadays,  Amalfi is the biggest touristic seaport of the Coast (connected with Capri, Sorrento, Ischia, Salerno, Positano, Maiori and Minori) and has the most important architecture of the Coast: the Cathedral of Saint Andrew, in an Amalfi-Moorish style, that houses the relics of the Apostle Andrew. A must for hikers is the , between Amalfi and Scala, one of the most important natural reserves of the Coast.

(The other reserves are: The Demanio Valley in Maiori, the Schiato Valley in Furore, called "Fjord", and the Porto Valley in Positano).

The centre and the beach of Amalfi are small and often crowded in high season (June-September). A half-day visit of the centre is the minimum, but it’s a must. For the hikers there are hundreds of different itineraries to walk along for hours in Amalfi and every village of the coast. Get the maps.
Find detailed maps and guides of Amalfi in Amalfi's...
Find detailed maps and guides of Amalfi in Amalfi's...
The typical souvenirs from Amalfi are the hand–made ceramics, the lemon products (limoncello liqueur, perfumes, soaps…) and the handmade paper, another ancient local tradition, learned from the Arabs.

Places to visit in Amalfi and nearby in a 1-day walking tour:

Amalfi medieval center and the seafront including the port from which you can have a wider view of the town.
Amalfi medieval center.
Chiostro dei Capuccini.
Amalfi medieval center.
Amalfi dome/cathedral: It is the most important building of the Coast and houses, in its crypt, the relics of the Apostle Andrew.  You can enter through the 11th  century byzantine bronze portal during mass: from 7.30 a.m. to 10 am, and from 5.30 pm to 7pm (free entry) 39 089 871485
Museum of the Cathedral of Amalfi: Otherwise you can visit the Cathedral, and its Museum paying 3 euros for a ticket for adults, 1 euro for children. The visit consists of the beautiful white cloisters (early 13th  century), the first Amalfitan Basilica (6th-9th  centuries) with its medieval frescos (here you can see the blessed Gerardo Sasso, founder of Order the Knights of the Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem, that later became the Sovereign Military Order of Malta), and the treasure of the museum including the Mitre of Saint Louis of Toulouse, considered one of the most precious objects of medieval times. Don’t forget to visit the crypt (the underground) with the relics of the apostle Andrew, and statues by Michelangelo Naccherino e Pietro Bernini representing Saint Andrew as the connection between the Orthodox and the Catholic churches.The dome museum is open every day of the week. Tel. 39 089 871324. It is closed from January 7th to February 28th, closed on December 25th.
Opening hours:  In March from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm.   From April to October: from 9 am to 7 pm.  From November 3rd  to December 24th: from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm. From December 26th  to January 6th : from 9 am to 7 pm.
Amalfi dome/cathedral.
Amalfi dome/cathedral.
Museum of the Cathedral of Amalfi.

Museum of the Compass and the Duchy of Amalfi, also called Museum of the Arsenal, because it is housed in the place where the galleys of the Maritime Republic/Duchy of Amalfi were kept and repaired.
Opening hours: From October 1st  to February 29th : from 10 am to 1.30 pm and from 3.30 pm to 7 pm. Closed on Monday. From March 1st  to September 30th :  from 10 am to 8 pm, every day. Ticket: 2 euro.
Paper manufacturing museum:
Exhibition of ancient paper machines, and contemporary handmade techniques to make Amalfi paper. Funny laboratories for adults and children, to be reserved.

Village of Atrani: From Amalfi you can walk to the next village, Atrani. It's a lovely place, where the dukes of the medieval maritime republic were elected, domiciled, and buried. It’s the smallest village in Italy with its own mayor.

Wild isolated beaches and caves to visit by boat or kayaking.
For other itineraries in Amalfi, look here.

Touristic Information
and facilities in Amalfi:
Area of Amalfi: 6, about 5000 residents. Map.
City of Amalfi official website:
Tourist office in Amalfi: Corso delle Repubbliche Marinare, Amalfi SA
Tel: 089 871107.
Tourist info point 24h:
Tel: (+39)345 405 1723.
Transports - Facilities:
Taxi reservations from Amalfi: (0039) ( 0) 89 94 84 078/(0039)3454051723
Private or shared taxi to or from Amalfi email: Also check here for car itineraries on the Amalfi coast for half day or full day tours.
Port of Amalfi: public and private connections to Capri, Maiori, Minori, Salerno, Sorrento, Ischia, Positano

Book ferry tickets and private boats
Docking in Amalfi: available. Book it here
Gas/water station for boats: available
Gas/water station for cars: the nearest is in Maiori (20 minutes by car from Amalfi) and in Conca-dei-Marini (15 minutes).
Public bus connections:
To Ravello (from Amalfi > Atrani>Scala>Ravello)
To Salerno (from Amalfi > Atrani > Castiglione > Marmorata > Minori > Maiori > Erchie > Cetara > Vietri>Salerno).
To Agerola (from Amalfi > Vettica di Amalfi > Conca dei Marini hill > Furore > Agerola).
To Sorrento (from Amalfi > Conca dei Marini seaside > Furore Fjord > Marina di Praia > Praiano > Positano > Sorrento).
Nearest train: 21 km from Amalfi in Vietri-sul-Mare
Nearest Heliport: in Ravello, Maiori e Tramonti.
Parking in Amalfi:
01. Along the roads there are blue lines on the ground, that are public parking spaces for non-residents. You need to purchase a ticket for the allotted time you intend to park for from a parking ticket machine nearby, and display it in the windscreen.
02. The Luna Rossa Parking is а tunnel dug into the rocks between the villages of Atrani and Amalfi, the cost is €3 per hour, to pay when you exit.
03. There is Parking at the port of Amalfi (€3 per hour to pay at the exit), at the end of Lungomare dei Cavalieri.
04. The parking lot in the centre (piazza Flavio Gioia, near the taxi and the local bus station): €5 euro per hour to be paid in advance at parking ticket machine.
05. There are few free parking spaces in Amalfi, but far from the centre, on the way to Vettica di Amalfi, and only in winter (not suggested).

Emergency Numbers and Authorities:
First aid tel. 113
Nearest Hospital: Adress: 31 via Castiglione Di Ravello, Ravello, SA 84010 · 089 871885
Medical Emergency centre:  adress: via Casamare - tel. 089 871449 Amalfi
Road condition Information: tel 1518
Iso Radio: 103.3 FM
Società Autostrade Spa: tel +39 0964 3632121
Autostrade Meridionali (A3): tel. +39 081 7508111
Carabinieri (Police): 112
Carabinieri Amalfi:  via Casamare - 84011 Amalfi (SA) 089 8304600
Breakdown service: 116
Sea Rescue: 1530
Fire Brigade: 115

Port Authorities (Guardia Costiera) Via Lungomare dei Cavalieri, 28, Amalfi SA
Tel: (+39) 089 871366
Useful Adresses:
Pharmacies/Chemists in Amalfi
Farmacia Degli Arsenali Adress: Piazza dei Dogi, 34-Amalfi, tel. 089 871063
Farmacia Del Cervo Del Medaglia Dott. Gisella. Adress: 42, via Duca Mansone , tel. 089 871045
Farmacia Ala del Dott. Gaetano Ala adress:Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 11 Atrani tel. 089 871969 .

Banks - ATM, Cash Machines
Banca Della Campania. Adress: via Duca Mansone I, 14 · tel. 089 871103
Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena – adress: Piazza Spirito Santo, 3 · tel. 089 830 4563
Deutsche Bank.adress: via Supportico dei Ferrari, 1, tel. 089 873050
Banco di Napoli – adress : via Duca Mansone I, tel. 089 871005

Post Office
33, Corso Delle Repubbliche Marinare - 84011 Amalfi (SA)

Library, Supportico Sant’ - tel. 089 871170
Festivals and events in Amalfi and nearby

  • 3rd February  Saint Biagio Feast
  • Holy Thursday: stations of the cross - religious procession with actors performing the last day of Christ.
  • Holy Friday: procession reenacting the death of Christ.
  • June’s first Sunday: Regatta of the four Italian sea republics: once every 4 years in Amalfi, Pisa, Genoa and Venice.
  • 13 June - St.Antonio’s day. Feast and holy boat parade
  • 24 June - Saint John
  • 27 June Saint Andrew’s day, the patron saint of Amalfi: the “miracle of the manna” (a dense liquid coming from the bones of the saint) and fireworks.
  • 2 July - Madonna delle Grazie
  • 16 July - Madonna del Carmine
  • 22nd July - St Mary Magdalene. Village of Atrani: Atrani is reachable from Amalfi in 10 minutes on foot.
  • August 5th : Day of the Madonna of the Snow
  • 14-15 August – Festival of St. Maria Assunta
  • August 31st  - September 1st Byzantine New Year:
  • Amalfi by night (summertime, to be updated)
  • Amalfi in Summer: concerts, exhibitions, food festivals (‘sagras’) and many other religious festivals (see the blog)
  • November 30 st . Saint Andrew’s day, the patron saint of Amalfi: feast, processions and“miracle of the manna” (a dense liquid coming from the bones of the saint) and fireworks.

Weekly market: on Wednesdays
Houses in Amalfi Coast

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