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The Village of Maiori: the most strategic town of the Amalfi Coast
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Gastronomic Itineraries of Maiori                            Useful Info & Addresses

What to know about Maiori, how to visit it
According to Greek mythology, Maiori was founded by Maja or Hercules who landed in the bay now called Erchie. Maybe it was founded by the mysterious Etruscan people around the 5th century BC who called it Reginna Major and next village Reginna Minor. What is certain is that, thanks to the size of its beach, it became an important center for the medieval Republic of Amalfi. It was specifically the headquarters for the admiralty and the customs of the Republic.
Maiori today. Click on the map for details.
Maiori How it might have been during Medieval Maritime...
The pedestrian centre, the beach and the parking spaces in Maiori are bigger than the ones of any other village of the Amalfi coast. Corso Reginna  and the seafront of Maiori are the widest pedestrian street of the coast, and the view of the collegiate church perched upon the hill is among the nicest views but hidden from mass tourism. From its beach and hills, you’ll enjoy the view that ranges from Ravello to Atrani, Amalfi and the cape of Conca dei Marini. From the cape called Capodorso, you can see Capri and its Faraglioni rocks.
Corso Reginna in Maiori
Corso Reginna in Maiori is the widest ..
The main Church ‘St.Mary in the sea
View from Maiori center.
Road from Maiori to MInori, view on Minori and Ravello.
View from the port of Maiori
Palazzo Mezzocapo
The convent of San Francesco
View from San Nicola Thoro Plano.
Maiori is well connected to the other centers of the coast, but it is not as crowded and noisy as Amalfi or Positano can be in high season. The beach offers deckchairs and umbrellas for hire, but also many free public areas. Fountains of free drinking water are scattered all along the "lungomare", the waterfront promenade. Beside the main beach, the longest on the coast - 1 km long (in Amalfi, the beaches are far smaller and  crowded) - there are several smaller isolated beaches reachable by walking, by water taxi, pedal boat, kayaking, or by renting a private boat.
Unfortunately, a terrible flood in the 50's has changed the face of Maiori’s waterfront leading to the construction of modern buildings replacing the old. But a few steps back from the sea in the medieval heart of the town we can rediscover the ancient face of this village, among the most beautiful on the coast and immortalized in several films directed by Roberto Rossellini.
The medieval quarters.
The medieval quarters.
The "Castle" San Nicola
The "Norman tower" in Maiori.
The terraced hill is a very typical element of the landscape of the Amalfi Coast, and here in Maiori  there is the one that has been made famous world-wide by the visionary drawings of Maurits
Terraced mountains of Maiori nowadays.
Terraced mountains od Maiori by M.C Escher (1930's)
Terraced Mountain by M.C. Escher (1930's).

Other places to visit:
Abbey of Santa Maria Olearia.
The small and charming seaside hamlet of Erchie.
The neighbourhood of Tramonti.
The wild and isolated beaches and caves of Maiori.
The Sanctuary of Maria Santissima Avvocata...

Gastronomic Itineraries of Maiori
The opening in the hill on the northern side gives the town a refreshing breeze in summer, and the proximity to the hinterland of Tramonti makes it the meeting point for the two different faces of the coast: the seaside and the rural. A few minutes drive from the seaside resort of Maiori, there are vineyards and dairy farms, favourite destinations for wine and food gourmands. In the very center of Maiori itself there is a vineyard and an olive grove set on the largest terraced hill of the Amalfi coast.
The town of Maiori offers refined gastronomic products, and excellent culinary experiences such as wine tours, lemon tours and cooking classes with local families and many good restaurants.

Maiori is open on the northen side toward Tramonti...
View from Tramonti.
Cooking Classes in Maiori
Vineyards in Tramonti.
Dairy factories in Tramonti.
Dairy factories in Tramonti.

More Touristic itineraries from Maiori:
Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Capri, Pompeii, Vesuvius,  Naples, Rome, Salerno
The village of Maiori, is near to the train station of Vietri and Salerno, the gas stations (Road SP2) and the A3 highway.
For all these reasons, Maiori is a most strategic and comfortable place to stay for one’s holiday on the Amalfi coast, and an easy starting point for daily excursions to Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Salerno, Pompei, Capri and Naples.
Roma- Salerno
270 km,  via autostrada A1  = 2h and 30 minutes.
56 km via autostrada A3  =  45-50 minutes.
20 km  = 35-40 minutes.
1,5 km  = 3 minutes.
Maiori -Аmalfi:
5,5 km  = 15-20 minutes.
40 km (via Salerno-A3, via Valico di Chiunzi) = 45-50 minutes.
7 km = 25-30 minutes.
Amalfi-Positano20 km =  45 minutes.
16 km =  40 minutes.
Salerno- Bari
240 km =  2h and 30 minutes.
Minicruise along 11 villages of Amalfi Coast from Maiori to Positano, from 30 per person. See details
Ferries and guided tours from Maiori to Capri. Starting from 35,00 per person. See details

From Maiori to Pompeii, Vesuvius, Herculaneum. Guided tours from 35,00 per person. See details
City Sightseeing and walking guided tour of Naples, Unesco & street food. Shuttle transfers to, from the airport or city center from 30,00 per person. See details

Useful information & facilities in Maiori:

Area of Maiori: 16, about 5600 residents. Map
City official website:
Tourist office: 73, Corso Reginna
Campania Concierge Tourist Office: 43 Corso Reginna  email:
Whatsapp: +39.345.405.1723
To check the next events: Campania concierge blog
Book yr accommodation:
Weekly market: Сorso Reginna, on Fridays.
Transports - Facilities
Port of Maiori: Public and private boats to and from Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi.
Address: Corso Reginna – località San Francesco. tel. 089851279
Mooring in Maiori: Possible. .
Gas/water station for boat: the nearest is in Amalfi
Gas/water station for car: 7 località Vecite, Maiori,  Tel: 089 877586.
Gas Metano station: Strada Provinciale, 1 – Tramonti
Public bus connections:
From Maiori > Minori > Atrani > Amalfi
From Maiori > Erchie > Cetara > Vietri > Salerno
From Maiori >Tramonti > Corbara > San Egidio > Pagani > Nocera > Cava de' Tirreni
Heliport in Maiori and Tramonti
Nearest Train Station: in Vietri sul Mare (17 km from Maiori) and Salerno (19 km from Maiori)
Taxi: Private or shared taxi to or from Maiori: Tel +39.345.4051723
Taxi: Piazza San Giacomo - tel. 089877897,345.405.1723
Parking in Maiori:
along the roads(Via Giovanni Amendola/ SS163, via Nuova Chiunzi, Via Gaetano Capone/SS163) there are blue lines on the ground, those are public parking spaces for non-residents. You need to purchase a ticket for the allotted time you intend to park from a parking ticket machine nearby, and display it in the windscreen. There are also two parking lots near the port (lungomare Amendola, piazza San Francesco), one central parking on the seafront at the end of the main road Corso Reginna (lungomare Amendola).

Parking la Grotta: On the opposite side of the port, cheaper prices for a full day stay.
Parking Mandara: Via delle barche a vela. cheaper prices for a full day stay.
Parking Vecite a few km from the centre: It’s possible to book a parking service including the collection and delivery of your car in case your holiday house/ hotel does not provide a parking space. Booking +39.345.405.1723.
Emergency Numbers and Authorities:
Municipal/Сity Police: Corso Reginna - tel. 089814102
First Aid, tel. 118
Carabinieri – Maiori Via degli Orti, 2, Maiori SA Telefono: 089 877207  
Breakdown service: tel. 116
Sea Rescue: 1530
Fire Brigade: 115
Nearest Hospital: in Ravello and Salerno
Medical centre: Maiori, via Pedementina, 4 - 089 851 419, 081 9368176
  • Farmacia Barela: via S. Tecla - tel. 089877063
  • Farmacia Valletta: Corso Reginna - tel. 089877052
Useful Adresses:
Tennis Court: via Nuova Chiunzi,147 (Hotel San Pietro) and Piazzale Campo
Soccer court: Piazzale Campo
Playyard: Piazzale Campo
Post Office with ATM cash machine: via Orti - tel. 089877095   

Banks - ATM Cash machines
-Post Office with ATM cash machine: via Orti
-Monte dei Paschi di Siena:
via Nuova Chiunzi, tel. 089851675
-Deutsche Bank ATM:
Corso Reginna - tel. 089853433
-Banco di Napoli:
Lungomare Amendola - tel. 08987704

Wi Fi connections-  43, Corso Reginna
Festivals and events in Amalfi and nearby

  • Monday after Pentecost (50 days after the Eastern). Feast of Madonna of the Vocation , linked to the religious rites called the “Cycle of the Seven Sisters”
  • Tuesday after Pentecost - Festival of the Madonna di Costantinopoli.
  • Easter Monday - Festival of Madonna della Libera, and on the 24th of October - in memory of the flood of 1910.
  • 13th of June - Festival of Saint Anthony
  • 24th June  - Saint John’s Day
  • 29th June - Festival of Saint Peter, 22nd February - in the neighbourhood of the same name
  • 2nd  July - Festival of Our Lady of Grace, and 24th October - in the neighbourhood of the same name
  • 16th July - Festival of the Madonna del Carmine
  • 25th July - Festival of Saint James
  • 5th August - Festival of the Madonna del Principio, 8th January  - Festival of the Madonna of the Ponteprimario neighbourhood
  • 15th August - Festival of the Virgin Mary of the Sea
  • 16th August - Festival of Saint Rocco (Maiori)
  • 8th September - Festival of the Madonna Avvocata
  • 12th September - Festival of the Madonna di Porto Salvo
  • 15th September - Festival of the Madonna Addolorata
  • 7th October - Festival of the Madonna of the Rosary
  • 11th November - Festival of Saint Martin, and last Sunday of August  – in the Vecite neighbourhood
  • 3rd Sunday of November- the Madonna of the Night
  • 21st of November - Festival of the Madonna del Riposo, in the Vecite neighbourhood
  • Christmas

    Typical souvenirs from Maiori: ceramics, liqueurs Limoncello, Concerto, Cicerenella and others, wines Mozzarella and other cheeses from Tramonti.
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